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Optimus Properties LLC

Optimus Properties, LLC is a privately held real estate investment company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We handle every aspect of the business, from acquisition and development, to the leasing and management of retail, commercial and multi-family real estate. Our experienced team is lead by brothers Kamyar and K. Joseph Shabani, who each bring a unique perspective and focus to the company. And together, their efforts are unified, disciplined and highly selective.

We put as much importance in creating our diverse team, as we do in our diverse portfolio, and always honor the city and state in which we hold properties. This currently includes California, Washington and New Mexico. Our pure passion and dedication, and strong desire to contribute to whatever community we are in, means we create value on many levels, including giving back to those areas.

For investors, capital preservation, value creation, direct principal involvement and a meaningful contribution of its principals’ capital are the basis for a profitable and significant partnership. Jerome Mickelson, Executive Vice President of Optimus Properties LLC explains: “Our business strategy involves taking great care of our investors, our tenants and our properties, and we exhibit extraordinary pride in each and every step.”

Do not hesitate to reach out to Optimus Properties, LLC today and let us answer your questions, inspire you and guide you to great investment opportunities.

Here are just a few testimonials from some of our very satisfied investors. We look forward to having you partner with us, as well.

Optimus Properties, LLC – Investor Testimonials

Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 48 reviews)

Optimus Properties honest and forthright in everything they have done

Over the years in the investment of my retirement funds, I have used several mutual funds, IRAs, 401Ks, and my share of investment advisors. The Shabani family’s Optimus Properties has been totally honest and forthcoming with any concern I have ever had regarding my investments.

As many of us know, there are plenty of investment advisors out there that run funds, present investments and solicit funds and partners. Many of these end up on shows such as American Greed and other expose’s where you can see how these individuals and funds misuse funds for their personal gain. The Shabani’s have been totally honest and forthright in everything that they have done.

Optimus Properties has also been involved in many philanthropic endeavors, as well.
I am pleased to be associated with them and entrust my financial well-being to them without reservation. I can also thank them for making me a millionaire.


We trust Optimus Properties implicitly

My family and I have been investing with Kamyar and the team at Optimus Properties for years, and year in and year out they continue to validate the trust we’ve placed in their acumen. Every time I see an opportunity come through from them, I know that it has been thoroughly vetted, thoughtfully considered, and chosen with the utmost confidence that their well-considered approach will significantly increase the value of the property for themselves and their investors. Their investor communications are clear and concise – we always know where we stand – and we trust them implicitly. It is never a matter of whether I will invest; only a matter of how much!


best decision was to invest with Optimus Properties LLC

I am a busy professional and I don’t have time to manage my own real estate portfolio. For years, I also didn’t trust anyone else to manage my investments. So, I sat on the sidelines as the real estate market blossomed. In approximately 2009, Kamyar and Joseph announced the launch of Optimus Properties and presented me with an opportunity to invest with them. I had known both of them for a long time and trusted each of them without reservations. So, I agreed to invest with them. I could not be happier with my decision. In fact, I have continued to invest with them each time with progressively larger investments. Certainly, I have seen great results from my investments, and that helps. But, the results is not the only reason I continue to invest with Optimus. Rather, I keep going back because the Optimus team is knowledgeable, transparent, and responsive. They are selective in their transactions and treat each deal with care. I am thrilled with my decision to invest with them and I would recommend them strongly.


Excellent returns on my investments

I have been investing with Optimus Properties for over 10 years now and have had excellent returns on my investments. I have invested in all types of properties with Optimus, including, office, retail, and multi-family residential properties which have all provided above market returns. Optimus has a great value-add approach that allows it to create additional value to any type of property it purchases. It also has great relationships with all types of Tenants to immediately fill any vacancies at any of its properties in a very short period of time. The Optimus Management team and online investor portal are very complete and allow me to see all types of details about my portfolio and ask any questions I may have on each individual property. The Shabani brothers have extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate market and are able to find and provide me opportunities that I would never be able to attain investing on my own. I highly recommend investing with them.


I’ve been investing with Optimus Properties, LLC for the last 10 years

I’ve been investing with Optimus Properties, LLC for the last 10 years and have invested over 2M dollars with them during this time. They have provided me with honesty, integrity, transparency and good real estate opportunities that have allowed me to slowly grow my wealth by 25-50% over that time. As a busy entrepreneur at times I don’t have the time to research all real estate opportunities for investment or manage them, with Optimus I know I’m in good hands. Furthermore with their diligent underwriting and eye for wealth building, I feel safe investing with them for the long-term!


I highly recommend investing with Optimus Properties LLC

I highly recommend investing with Optimus Properties LLC. I have invested with Optimus on many different projects over the course of 6 years. They have done an amazing job on my returns on investment. I am confident in every investment I make with them knowing the principals have the utmost knowledge of the Real Estate market and the laws.