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best decision was to invest with Optimus Properties LLC

I am a busy professional and I don’t have time to manage my own real estate portfolio. For years, I also didn’t trust anyone else to manage my investments. So, I sat on the sidelines as the real estate market blossomed. In approximately 2009, Kamyar and Joseph announced the launch of Optimus Properties and presented me with an opportunity to invest with them. I had known both of them for a long time and trusted each of them without reservations. So, I agreed to invest with them. I could not be happier with my decision. In fact, I have continued to invest with them each time with progressively larger investments. Certainly, I have seen great results from my investments, and that helps. But, the results is not the only reason I continue to invest with Optimus. Rather, I keep going back because the Optimus team is knowledgeable, transparent, and responsive. They are selective in their transactions and treat each deal with care. I am thrilled with my decision to invest with them and I would recommend them strongly.