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Optimus Properties, LLC : The American Dream


“Go West, Young Man!”

This famous phrase and call to adventure is typically credited to American author and newspaper editor Horace Greeley, and refers to the search for new dreams and fortunes out west. Pursuing the American Dream and a deep desire for safety and security is what brought the Shabani family to the United States in 1978. And the creation of Optimus Properties, LLC in 2007 was one of the culminations of that dream.

Unlike other investments, real estate offers something tangible. You can literally see and touch what you are investing in, and fully understand how it benefits a community and enhances a neighborhood. Both commercial and residential properties have the ability to add to the geographical mosaic and help create something special.

In 1960 Congress enacted legislation that would allow regular Americans to participate in commercial real estate investing. Real estate investment would continue to evolve and become what they are today.

Having real estate in your investment portfolio is a smart move.

The popularity of real estate in general and especially as an investment would continue to grow, eventually finding its way onto television and becoming part of our modern popular culture. Home improvement and home repair shows like This Old House in the 1980s would then morph into shows about finding homes and properties to buy, invest in and flip. Property Brothers, Love It Or List It and House Hunters are just three examples of current and popular real estate shows.

While those shows can be immensely entertaining to watch, reality needs to be your guide to real estate investment companies that have years of experience, success, and a strong management team. Optimus Properties LLC handles every aspect of the business, from acquisition and development, to the leasing and management of retail, commercial and multi-family real estate properties.

Find out why savvy real estate investors prefer Optimus Properties, LLC.

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